Classes are performed in person by qualifed experts in groups of up to 8 students. All classes are given in German according to the students’ levels and objectives. The level of each student is identifed by two placement exams in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 


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  • a1/a2


    Anfängerkurs includes beginner levels from A1.1 to B1.2. After fnishing level B1.2 the student will have an understanding of the basics of the German language, which will be enough to communicate in daily routine situations, they will also obtain reading and listening skills. 

  • b1/b2


    Mittelstufenkurs is also divided to three steps. After fnishing this course the student will be able to use majority of German grammatical structures, be able to understand native speakers on any level, take part in meetings, conferences and teleconferences, make oral and written reports and read articles and books at any level of complexity, as well as have an understanding of any audio materials (movies, news, etc.). 

  • c1/c2


    Fortgeschittenenkurs is considered native speaker level. People who are already fuent in German are classifed at this level. They already have an understanding of major grammar structures and have a broad vocabulary. For these students the program should be developed based on their preferences: discussion of topics in class, watching German movies, etc. 


business courses

Modern offers a wide array of business discussions and presentations based on academic topics and administered by highly trained professionals. 

Total intensive

Why ‘Totally Intensive?', with Total Immersion, we focus on intensive Portuguese study in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Translation services

Modern provides Document Translation Services that are exclusively run by native–speaking professionals, not machines! 

Accelerated Training



Human Resources

Business Law

Logistics Management

Working Across Cultures

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