Modern Language Center has been training executives and management in the immediate use of a new language for over 15 years. Our courses are tailored to the needs of each student and all programs are aligned with the European Framework of Reference for Languages. 

We can take you from a basic level to upper intermediate to advanced in just a few months, depending on the intensity you need. In addition to language learning, our team can prepare you for the understanding of the local culture that goes beyond the classroom into the local folklore and cultural activities of all sorts. 

Our levels are 48 hours each under the EFRL alignment to enable you to become fluent in Spanish while having fun and learning about Mexican costumes and culture. We begin with a language assessment by providing you with an online evaluation and personal/phone/Skype interview. Once we define your level and objectives, we create a study plan that fits your needs, schedule and budget. After that, we are ready to get started. 

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