For more than a decade, Modern Language Center has been at the forefront of teaching methods and this is evident in every program we offer. Learning the language in a vibrant city like Mexico City allows foreigners to gain direct experience with Spanish culture and traditions in such a way that learning can be fascinating with countless opportunities to practice in authentic situations.


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  • a1/a2


    Start learning the simple tenses: present, past and imperfect. Then, you will be able to narrate facts in the present, as well as habitual actions in the past. Describe everyday life in the past and incorporate the use of adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and prepositions. Express durable actions in the present. It will appropriately be using the verb BE in Spanish according to the denoted situation. Give orders, suggestions and advice. You will also be able to express cause and effect. Use correctly "para" and "por".

  • b1/b2


    You will review the simple indicative tenses. You will understand and use special characters. You will then go deeper into the use of particles. You will learn how to use the present subjunctive and will understand its main uses. You will also be able to understand the compound tenses of indicative and the differences with simple tense. Understand and differentiate between the use of indicative and subjunctive, in both simple and progressive tenses. Emphasis will be placed on the meaning in context of hypothetical and conditional situations.

  • c1/c2


    You will review and learn all verbal forms and avoid any previously acquired vice. Understand and analyze the uses of indicative and subjunctive. Special cases of the subjunctive will be studied. You will incorporate other important elements of the sentence. Understand differences in word function according to your spelling or context in the sentence. You will become familiar with the flexibility of the language as well as the vices of it. You can write formal documents often used in this country. The student will practice his fluency by participating in controlled conversations.


business courses

Modern offers a wide array of business discussions and presentations based on academic topics and administered by highly trained professionals. 


Why ‘Totally Intensive?', with Total Immersion, we focus on intensive Spanish study in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Translation services

Modern provides Document Translation Services that are exclusively run by native–speaking professionals, not machines! 

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Human Resources

Business Law

Logistics Management

Working Across Cultures

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