Talent for GERMANY

We provide talented Mexican nurses and physicians ready to work and available to travel to Germany.


The services provided by Modern Language Center include every aspect needed by the professionals you require to bring to Germany:


· Selection

· Initial evaluation

· Ongoing assessments

· B2 Exam

· Homologation support

· Travel arrangements

· Constant communication and feedback ​

Personality Tests

We are a specialized business solution company. Our training goes beyond the learning of the language, we provide material and sessions to focus on the particular medical field required to do their job once in Germany. We also prepare them for their official B2 German exam under a 40 week program of intensive learning. Our study framework that would enable students to progress at a very fast pace.

Why Mexican Talent?

· Five-year university degree

· Hard-working

· Warming personalities

· Commitment

· Adaptability

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